Restaurant Consulting

Working with an owner’s perspective, our approach is both proof-driven and collaborative. We work with our clients (whether operators, investors, or owners) to help realize their vision and achieve successful objectives.

Since 2007, Seasoned Hospitality has provided critical consulting services to achieve success with a commitment to transparency.

“Using a hands-on approach, we work side by side with each operation’s team factoring in foreseen and unforeseen challenges. Our product knowledge and systems, training and testing, manuals and documentation are customized specifically for each client.”
—Stephen Loffredo

Success Points

Conceptualized over 30K square feet of food service space for a major midtown high-rise building in NYC.

Reimagined casual dining and retail experience in luxury hotel in Hawaii.

Pioneered multiple food service experiences at a major metropolitan IVY League university

Our Services

We have extensive experience working with restaurant owners to build innovative concepts from the ground up.

We support developers and landlords by optimizing their current and/or potential food service spaces. We manage the vetting process for potential tenants and maximize efficiencies, allowing them to receive the highest possible rents.

We work with hotel owners to match properties with unique and specific brands. Through the RFP process, we vet and select qualified operators to enhance the overall guest experience and brand requirements of a hotel flag.

During the due diligence and acquisition periods, we perform top-down and bottom-up evaluations for quality, financial viability, and potential for expansion.

Through financial modeling, opening budget, investment requirements and ROI, along with understanding current trends and demographics—we bring restaurant concepts to life for owners.

Who We Serve

  • Developers
  • Hotels
  • Private Equity
  • Casual & Fine Dining

We are not brokers. We are not motivated by commissions.

We translate the languages of finance and hospitality to create successful relationships. We work on behalf of the landlord as an advocate for the tenant to ensure the greatest level of success for all.